More ways to play

There are more than one ways to play Dragon Times. Here are some more ideas.

Challenging ways to play

1.The Great Challenge
To make the first part of the original game more challenging players can save the Dragons by multiplying 3 or 4 numbers (spells) at a time. For example 3x4x2=24




2. Share the spells

Another variation of the original stage 1 game. Put 4 spell cards down along with the Dragon cards (common spells). The players need to pair one of the spell cards in their hands with one of the common spell cards to save the Dragons. Every time a player uses one of the common spell cards to pair it with one of their own, they keep the common spell card and they leave their spell card in its place. When a player cannot find a pair they take one more spell card from the spell cards pile and wait for their next turn. Every time a player saves a Dragon they put a new one down.

This way of playing makes the game more competitive as the players use the common spells.

3. Factor Rush
Every player gets 6 spell cards. Place four Dragons down. The  players take turns to save the Dragons, this time by finding a factor of the Dragon number in their spell cards. When a player finds a factor they save the Dragons. TheDragon’s features help the players find their factors. The winner is the player who finishes all their spell cards or saves the most Dragons.

4. Lucky spin (with a rush)
Distribute 8 or more Dragon cards to each player. Take turns spinning the spinner. Every player has to place down a dragon that has the feature that the spinner indicates every time. The winner is the player that finishes all their dragons. If the evil spell comes then the players exchange cards clockwise.
With this game, children practice factors and division.To make it more challenging instead of taking turns the players just say their Dragon number when the spinner stops. The first one to say it (if it’s a correct number) gets to put down their Dragon card. The winner is the first one to tame all their dragons.

5. Blind Spin

Variation of the spinner game (the one in the video). The players each put a dragon card down near the spinner. Then they spin the spinner. If their dragon matches the spinner indication it is considered tamed. If not they take it back. The winner is the player that tames the most dragons.

6. Special spell card
Collect the multiples

Take 10 spell cards, numbers 1-10, shuffle them and give one to each player randomly. That is their special spell card and they need to show it to everyone and keep it facing up. Give four more spell cards to each player (they hide these). Place 8 dragons down. The players take turns pairing their special spell card with one of their other spell cards to save a Dragon. They take one new spell card  when they dont have a pair and they wait for their next turn. (their special spell card stays with them until the end). The winner is the first player to collect all  of the multiples of their special number or the one that collects most of the multiples of their number at the end.
For example if they have as special number number 3 to win they need to collect Dragon numbers : 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30…

Every time a player saves a dragon they place down a new one.

The game becomes more competitive when the player’s special spell number cards have common multiples.




Beginners games

7. Dragon choices: To make the original stage 1 and 2 games easier you can use only some Dragons (let’s say time tables 1-5)

8. Practice one table at a time /Parent- child practice
Both players take the spell number of the table the child is practicing and four more spell cards. See who can get more dragons from that table pairing their special spell card with one of the others. You can only place down the Dragon numbers from that table..