How to play



The spell cards are the numbers 1 to 10.  The “Wizard’s choice” spell card can replace any spell card.

The Dragon cards numbers are multiples of the numbers 1 to 10. Every number is a Dragon. The Dragons have different features designed to help the children know the factors of the number if it’s even or odd, and if it is a square number.

Numbers 1-10 are Baby Dragons.  Odd numbers are Snake Dragons. Even numbers stand on four legs. Numbers divisible by 3 have one horn. Numbers divisible by 4 have wings.  Numbers divisible by 5 have  ears. Numbers divisible by 6 have a double tail.  Numbers divisible by 7 have pointy tails. Numbers divisible by 8 have a mane. Numbers divisible by have three horns. Numbers divisible by 10 have two heads. Square numbers breathe or throw fire.

The Spinner shows the features of the dragons based on their factors, if they are even or odd, and if they are square numbers.


The spell book helps the wizards choose the correct spells.

How to play

Goal: To collect as many dragons as you can.

stage1: Save the dragons

1.Shuffle the spell cards and give 6 cards to each player.

2. Shuffle the Dragon cards and place eight cards down with the numbers and Dragons facing up.

3.The first player looks at their cards and tries to find a pair of numbers that when multiplied gives as product one of the Dragon numbers that are down. The players can use the Times Table (spell book) for help.

4. When a player finds a lucky pair, they show the other players and get the Dragon.

5. The players collect the Dragons until one of them finishes their spell cards (short game) or until all the Dragons are saved (long game).

6. The winner of the first stage is the player with the most Dragon cards.

Stage 2: Tame your Dragons and guide them to safety. 

1. The players use the Dragons they saved in stage. Put the spinner in the middle.The players take turns spinning the spinner.

2. After every spin, all the players study their Dragons and numbers and find one that has the feature (factor, even/odd, square number) that the spinner indicates. They keep the Dragon near the spinner (it is considered tamed).

3. When a player does not have a lucky Dragon they wait for the next spin.

4. When the Evil Swap Spell comes the players exchange Dragons clockwise (the ones in their hand)

5. The game ends when only one or none of the players is left with Dragon cards. The winner is the player with the most Tamed Dragons.