Chicken Escape!

A multiplayer card game that makes mental math practice fun!

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hicken Escape is a fast-paced multiplayer card game. While playing , students practice mental math skills, improve their working memory, and enhance their strategic thinking skills.

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The story

The chickens at the farm are planning an escape!

Help your chickens run away free and get rid of furious farmers, sly foxes, angry geese, hungry pigs, and more.

Be aware of spy-see chickens and fowl players.

Find the precious mega-tomatoes!

The game can be played at several levels.

  • You can practice addition to 10 and addition to higher numbers.
  • You can combine addition and subtraction to make 10 or greater numbers.
  • Include multiplication, and division for a more challenging game.

Most importantly it’s fun!

  • The game is highly competitive and the goal is to get rid of all your cards.
  • A fun game for the whole family.

Learn how to play Chicken Escape

Good Cluck! Don’t Chicken out!